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| Crimson Heart is Broken |
| Crimson liquid on my body |
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31st-Dec-2013 08:46 pm - Friends Only

Welcome to ichiya_yuka's LJ. Comment to be added (That's mean you must comment in here first, then I'll add you back).

Graphic @ graphicanthem 

I can hear the creaking noise of the moon. While 2 moons are creaking, I can separate the paths...
That sound is round...
The sound of the end of the world to come.
Not being able to save even one friend as it is...
The curtain was raised...
The world is moving towards the end. We're ignorant of the end of the world as it is.
WE WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT. That's the unconscious beggining of a tragedy.
If I were to give a name to those feelings, I wonder if that given name would be good.
Like the beetle who flew from hell's fire, I wished that even burning myself, I went straight...
But who would really do such a thing?
I wonder if that beetle would be labelled as "an idiot".
We only believed this fate, the rebelling day.
The ghoul crawls by with its brittle wings and cries to the moon "I'll definitely reach you".
From Rust Blaster chapter1&2)

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Aldred Van Envrio
7th-Dec-2008 03:15 pm - Introduction Post

“Lame, huh?”


“NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!”

“Okay okay. Stop it and just start!”

“ehm…okay..here we go…^^”

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Aldred Van Envrio
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