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Welcome to Yuka's LJ ^^. Hum...I don't know what must I say. I have posted everything what I want to say in my entries.[sorry this profile layout is still messy]

Well, after all my journal is f-locked LJ. So if you want to add me, please read my introduction post first @ HERE. Then comment in HERE. I won't add you back until you comment on there.
Anime-manga are love. I love D.Gray-man, Rust Blaster, Ouran High School Host Club,Kara no Kyoukai,Spiral-Suiri no Kizuna,Kuroshitsuji,Matantei Loki Ragnarok,Vampire Knight,Shugo Chara,and many more.

But my favorite is D.Gray-man.
About dorama I watch only a few. Actually I just watch Nodame Cantabile and STA*MEN's doramas. And my favorite of course Nodame Cantabile because I love classical musics. And STA*MEN, because my favorite seiyuu is in there.
My favorite male characters are:
1. Aldred Van Envrio [Rust Blaster].
2.Lavi [D.Gray-man].
3.Yosugara Kei [Rust Blaster].
4.Hikaru Hitachiin [Ouran High School Host Club].
5.Loki [Matantei Loki Ragnarok].
And my favorite female characters are:
1.Ryougi Shiki [Kara no Kyoukai].
2.Lenalee Lee [D.Gray-man].
3.Fou [D.Gray-man].
4.Lacus Clyne [Gundam SEED Destiny].
5.Fujioka Haruhi [Ouran].
My favorite seiyuu of course Suzumura Kenichi. I'm not only like him, but I'm in love with him. No one can change his place at my heart, he'll be the 1st forever <3. (Even he's already married..O.O).SUZUMURA KENICHI IS THE TRUE LOVE
Actually my favorite mangaka is Sakura Kinoshita [Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Tactics]. But I couldn't find her photo so I put Hoshino Katsura [D.Gray-man] photo in here. She's my 2nd favorite mangaka after all. And finally the 3rd is Toboso Yana (Kuroshitsuji, Rust Blaster).

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*Note: I'll add Suzumura Kenichi-sama colorbar in here soon ^^*

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